Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Provo Cops are LAME

I wanted this to be a grateful blog and not a venty blog. I can't help myself. Homeboy just ruined my day.

So on Wednesdays, I come home from work take care of a list-full of things that are awaiting me, make dinner, go pick up Eric from school around 6:30 and get him back home in time for him to eat and then head out to Young Men's. Tonight I had put dinner in the oven right when Eric called me and said he was ready to be picked up. Perfect! I head out to get him knowing dinner should be just about ready when we get home and the timing should all work out.

I'm driving along and all of a sudden there are cop lights behind me. Seriously? I wasn't speeding and I had just safely proceeded through a green light. Maybe he's headed somewhere important and needs me to get out of the way. I fully expected him to drive by as I pulled over. No such luck. He prances up and asks for my license and registration. I say, "Sure, is there a problem?" Usually I say that when I get pulled over for going 15 over or something and pretend like I can't possibly imagine what they are going to say. This time it was legit. I really had NO clue why I was being stopped. He explains that he doesn't think I completely stopped at the stop sign about 5 blocks away. I was genuinely baffled. "Really?" I say. "I remember stopping." He says it looked like I slowed down, but didn't exactly stop. Wow. He must be REALLY bored tonight.

I ended up digging around a while for the registration which I KNEW was in the glove box, but I couldn't find. As I was searching I made some small talk which involved dropping in, "Yeah, I'm pregnant and seem to lose everything nowadays!" C'mon... who gives tickets to a pregnant lady!! And he says, "Oh yeah? My wife just had a baby 2 months ago!" I'm like, oh yeah I'm so safe. Eventually I find the necessary paperwork and he goes back to his car. Meanwhile I call Eric to explain the delay, all the while hoping dinner isn't burning.

He comes back and says words I've never heard: "I'm going to give you a citation for a stop sign violation." WHAT?? Ughhhhh. He asks if I've ever had a traffic ticket before and I say no... although I think I should have said yes after thinking about it because one time I did get a ticket for speeding... it was a few years ago and it didn't go on my record so I'm not sure if I have to consider that a ticket or not. Whatever. Anyway, he explains that I'll probably qualify for traffic school and go to the court and blah blah blah waste of my time. Totally ruined my night. It was made worse when Eric informed me that traffic school isn't usually free. FOR REAL?!?! I don't want to PAY to have to sit in some dumb lecture about putting your blinker on! Geeeez.

I guess this is the danger of living in an area with extremely low crime rates. Cops with nothing to focus on but the stop signs. I guess I should have put the grateful spin on this that way, that the cop didn't have to be somewhere more important and could focus on little things. But I've met too many useless cops to believe that. (Sorry to the actual hard-working, non-jerky ones). And mostly I think it was just a big waste of time.

So there. Hopefully I've gotten the rant out of my system and can once again return to being positive.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A new month already?

Ok, because my mom has been begging me for them, here are some belly pictures. Here's me at 23 weeks: And then here's me a mere 2 weeks later at 25 weeks. Baby had a growth spurt! Don't you think I look significantly larger here than in the previous picture?

Well, maybe it just looks like that to me. Whatever. I feel sort of giant. 15 weeks to go... oh boy.

The Grateful List:

1. Finally having an opportunity to speak

They say the two most universal fears are death and public speaking. I actually really like public speaking. I think it's fun and invigorating. Weird I know, but I guess it's like people who really like skydiving or cliff jumping or something. Same idea. I had the opportunity to speak in church today for the first time in about 3 or 4 years. I loved it! I really like preparing talks and then I have even more fun giving them.

2. Couple friends

It took us a while to figure it out and find any, but I have to say some of the most satisfying friendships are when you find a girl you really connect with and seeing your husbands connect too. Or connecting with the wife of one of your husband's good friends. So a shout out for friendships

3. AWESOMEly mild winter weather
I've probably cursed myself now, but I have to say that RAIN in January and February really makes my heart sing. I love rain. Snow is scary. I'm so glad we've only had a few gnarly snowstorms and a lot of beautiful cold days.

4. The Ensign

I set a goal to read that magazine cover to cover before I can read my BHG for the month, and I'm totally lovin it. Good stuff.

5. BHG

Better Homes and Gardens. Best. Magazine. Ever.

6. A seriously cute husband that makes me laugh and smile and loves me and thinks my giant belly is cute.
It's an older picture... but seriously. He's the cutest.

Need I say more?

7. A belly filled with a really sweet little boy that I can't wait to meet and snuggle.

8. Sunflower Farmer's Market

This new grocery store opened up in Orem recently. They have amazing sales on produce and on Wednesdays, they have twice as many sales! Best store ever. Thanks for helping us prevent scurvy.

9. Coupons

So I'm totally turning into my mom, but I can't help myself here. How else can you stock your food storage on a budget? Honestly? I now understand why my mom never bought anything unless it was on sale and she had a coupon. I sometimes feel like I'm robbing the grocery store with all the savings!

10. My personal space heater

I'm usually always cold. I plan to always have a jacket with me because I'm usually cold when everyone else is comfortable. Thanks to the joys of pregnancy, I'm now toasty when everyone else is chilly! I never thought I would see that day. I knew it had come when I woke up in the middle of the night roasting and sweaty and looked over to see Eric with ALL the covers (including the heavy comforter) pulled right up to his chin. Usually that's absolutely the opposite.