Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 2010

August-- At the end of July, I woke Wesley up at what was to him the middle of the night and we hopped on a red-eye to Boston. FYI, those aren't that fun with toddlers. However, Boston was gobs of fun with a toddler! Wesley got SO much cousin lovin and loved going on all kinds of new adventures. We saw the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock, walked all over Boston (Wesley fell asleep in his stroller. That might be the only time that has ever happened. There was that much walking). We went to a pick-your-own farm where Wesley ate his weight in blueberries straight off the bushes. He was in heaven. It was like the biggest buffet he'd ever seen. After picking berries, we went to the area where they have their farm animals. Wesley fed grass to the goats and thought it was the coolest thing in the whole world. Now he tries to feed grass to any other animals he encounters. Unfortunately, ducks are unimpressed. We also picked tomatoes and raspberries at another farm. Pretty much Wesley would do nothing but pick berries for hours and hours and be the happiest little boy in the world. Other than farming, we took a day trip up to Maine and ate lobster, looked at lighthouses and played in the ocean. We swam in Walden Pond, picnicked and climbed trees at Concord, went to see the Red Sox play at Fenway, and played played played! We had so much fun.
Now we are back in sunny Vegas. Surprisingly, it's actually cooler here in August than it was in July. Thank goodness, otherwise I would have... Well I can't think of what I could have done. Complained I guess.

Now we just get to sit back and twiddle our thumbs waiting to find out where we get to move and spend the next two years of adventures.

July 2010

July-- Wes and I met up with Clark and fam (my bro) on their San Diego vacation and had more beach time and more cousin lovin. Then we picked up Eric from his company deep-sea fishing retreat and made a LATE night trek from San Diego to Phoenix so we could catch a flight the next morning to Durango, CO. We went for the wedding of a good friend of Eric's and got to stay with Eric's bro Cameron and fam. Such a fun (and way too short) trip. On Sunday we flew back to Phoenix, hung out with Lana/fam for one day, then drove up to Vegas. Wesley and I spent all of July in Vegas at my parents. Erlynne and fam and Dallin visited too and we had oodles of fun with them.

June 2010

June-- Wes and I bid farewell to AZ and headed on up to CA where we got to stay with Eric's parents for a month. It was amazing-- seriously, I felt like I was staying at a mommy-resort! My wonderful mother-in-law took Wesley for walks and feed him breakfast every morning when he would wake up at 6 am so I could sleep in. They even kept Wesley for the weekend so Eric and I could have a weekend to ourselves in San Francisco! We saw Wicked and enjoyed really good food in the city. It was so fun and Wesley was much better than I expected he would be. Especially considering he was cutting molars and running a fever when I left him. Why is it always that way? Anyway, Marilyn, Wesley and I took a trip down to the beach at the end of the month and Wesley ate lots of sand and giggled at the waves. Unfortunately, the photos of this month are on my camera which is dead and the charger is M.I.A. Someday when I'm unpacked and not living out of suitcases I'll get around to posting those.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Lovin

I've been so absent from blogging this summer. It's one of the things that falls by the wayside when your computer and camera charger are packed in storage...

Right now I'm clock-watching waiting for the moment I can leave to pick up Eric from the airport-- our Friday night ritual. What better to waste time with than blogging, eh? Yeah, that's how I really feel. :) I'm definitely a moody blogger. Me and blogging are on a break right now. But for lack of anything productive to do, here's a quick recap of the summer so far:

May-- Threw our life in a UHaul, then a garage in Vegas. Eric drove off to CA for the start of his career. I cried. Then Wesley and I packed up and drove to AZ. We spent an amazing and fun month with Lana's family and Ashton's family. (My sis, Eric's bro). So much swimming, shopping, and COUSIN LOVIN! Wesley was in heaven having constant play buddies.
Pictures Lana took after Wesley's 1st haircut-- right before his 1st bday