Monday, November 15, 2010

I get excited about good deals. :)

On Veteran's Day, Saver's was having a 50% off sale. Naturally, I went, along with the rest of Connecticut. MAN that store was packed. Even still, I found some really cute stuff. I promised myself I would not go too crazy and get a zillion things I had good intentions for. Here's what I scored:

Top left: 2 king size pillowcases in an adorable print that will be made into baby clothes for baby girl. ($1ea)
Top center: Short sleeve chunky knit sweater for me ($2) 
Top right: Super cute church shirt for Wesley ($2.50)
Middle left: 2 long sleeve tees for Wes (.49 each)
Middle center: THE CUTEST little boy church shoes from BabyGap, BARELY worn ($2)
Middle right: Super soft corduroys and Old Navy Painter jeans for Wes, both barely worn ($1 ea)
Bottom: Never worn zip-up hoodie ($2)

Seriously?!?! I was so excited. I love thrift shopping for kids clothes in New England! It's a bunch of high quality, barely worn stuff that doesn't even get picked over because there aren't a gazillion college student moms around trying to outfit their kiddos! (in other words, I could never find anything good in the kid's section of thrift stores in Utah). Yay for savings!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Woo hoo!! He's so big!

Next Sunday Wesley will be 18 months old. We've been counting down Sundays to this blissful day when he could start going to Nursery and we could actually enjoy church again! For the last 2 Sundays, we've been taking him into the nursery and staying with him to get him used to the new routine. Today when we took him in, the awesome nursery leaders said that since he's been doing so well we could just leave him today a week early.  YES!!!! He did so well-- he was having such a great time I don't think he really even noticed we weren't there. It was so wonderful to go to the rest of church and get to listen to the lessons without chasing Wesley around, stuffing crackers in his mouth to keep him quiet and occupied, the whole 9 yards. SO exciting!

I think I would probably be sad that my little baby was growing up if I didn't have another little baby growing up inside me right now. For now, I'm extremely relieved that he's big enough to take the stairs by himself, drink from a real cup, and play with other kids. That gives me faith that I really can be a mother of 2!

In other news, tonight for the first time I baked a batch of chocolate chips cookies that didn't turn out terribly. Victory!

And to celebrate finally finding all of our camera accessories, here's a video we took tonight. Wesley loves to watch Eric's wedding ring spin on the floor. He likes to barely touch it and then get his fingertip "owie" kissed. Also, anytime he sees the camera he has to blink all weird because that's what you do for the camera. In the background you'll hear the oven beeping for my perfect cookies. :) Enjoy!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sugar and spice and everything nice!

See that tiny sweet little fist on her tiny little head? Oh it's so cute!
We're having a girl! I wasn't at all surprised, I definitely knew it was a girl. I just know these things. I'm so excited! I've decided that from now on I will only be pregnant with girls because it has been lots easier. Don't get me wrong, I will gladly have another boy just as long as I can only be pregnant with girls. What do you mean it doesn't work that way? Anyway, I'm thrilled and excited but a little nervous too. Girls are a whole different ball game! I'm a little intimidated by the world of hairbows, tights, and tiny bracelets. And hopefully she'll be as fun and spunky as little Wesley who gets cuter by the day.

She's flexy like mommy-- doing a little womb yoga