Tuesday, September 28, 2010

25 Things I've Done in 25 Years

So I'm 25 today. About 6 months ago I started thinking about turning 25 and I worried that I hadn't really done anything in my 25 years. Then I realized I've sorta done a lot. Sorta. So mostly for me, here's my list.

1. Learned to drive
2. Graduated high school
3. Graduated from college
4. Married my BFF
5. Had a baby
6. Worked as a cleaning lady
7. Worked as a waitress
8. Tried to sell diamonds
9. Worked in a prison
10. Worked full-time 8 to 5 for a university
11. Lived in a foreign country
12. Hiked to Stonehenge
13. Mastered tandem biking
14. Ran a 10k
15. Became a yoga instructor
16. Turned into a hippie
17. Learned to sew
18. Ate escargot
19. Took an all night bus ride from Glasgow Scotland to London England
20. Learned to cook
21. Went snowboarding
22. Learned how to read music
23. Been to 21 of the 50 states
24. Moved 10 times (soon to be 11)
25. I'll do something cool for my 25th year... like live in Connecticut and have another baby. :) And probably something else.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So guess what?

Wesley just turned 16 months and I can officially say he is finally weaned! Breastfeeding was a really wonderful experience that I'm glad we could share for the last year+. My original goal was to nurse him until he was somewhere between 15 and 18 months. So that worked out! In truth, I had a little change of heart toward breastfeeding toward the end simply because...

One baby is enough to support with my body and one time. Yep, this is an announcement about baby Avarell the 2nd more than a weaning post. :) I heard that tiny little heartbeat yesterday and it made my own heart flutter and sing so I figured it was time to spread the news. And if you want the details, I'm about 15 weeks along due March 12.

So we're moving to Connecticut and there we will become a family of four. We're thrilled for our new exciting adventures and the way our lives are changing!

and P.S. Happy 60th Birthday to my mom!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wesley's 1st big boo-boo!

Wesley got his first bloody lip today. Poor little guy. He was playing a fun game with Mom and Dad and while running at full speed into the kitchen, lost his balance and ate tile. It was quite painful to watch. One of those things where you see it happening and just can't get there fast enough to stop it. Luckily it was just a busted lip and not a chipped tooth or broken nose or something. As it was I nearly passed out from the blood. I don't do those things very well. Although, I will say, my mom instinct did give me some grace under pressure. :)
So thankfully I had just made some smoothie popsicles the other day that helped numb the pain and made Wesley happy. He's such a tough guy and really is a trooper.
And by the way, he made that face in the 2nd picture on purpose.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wesley is so big!

I've been meaning to do a post about Wesley for a while. He's so big and does so many things on his own. He's not very baby anymore-- mostly just big boy. Well this morning he ate a bowl of milk and cereal all by himself (with a regular spoon too) so I figured it was time to post.

Here is a picture of him getting a mom-haircut. Unfortunately, it turned out so bad I couldn't stand to look at him. Of course everyone else said it was fine, but he looked so white trash I couldn't handle it.
In this video you can see the fix. The Dad-haircut actually. This time we pulled out the buzzers and guard and did it the way I actually know how to cut hair. Eric was a champ and did the cutting while my mom and I did the distracting and hold-stilling.

Also in the video you can see his latest trick-- blinking. It's pretty darn cute.

He has lots of tricks now.

He signs: bird, dog, monkey, banana, milk, water, more, airplane, please, sorry, thank you, cold (he made his own sign for cold), tired,

He says: car, done/gone, hi, mommy, daddy, shoe,

He also: blinks, dances, RUNS, does yoga (he has a mean downward dog), climbs on EVERYTHING, throws things in the trash, throws quite accurately actually, eats with a fork and spoon, takes the stairs like a man (holding the handrail and walking up), and loves to explore

I really can't believe how grown up and independent he is. He climbs on and off the couch by himself. He climbs onto the kitchen chairs and sits at the table by himself. And does it all left handed. Did I mention he's a lefty? I just think that's funny since Eric and I are both very right handed. Anyway, we just love this little boy and his big personality. He's so much fun and definitely allll boy.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary! and other exciting adventures...

Eric and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on August 30! Well, we didn't really celebrate so much on that day because he was in Vermont and I was in Vegas. Knowing that we would be apart, we've had various celebrations all summer long to commemorate the event. :)

The first was in June which was the 3 year anniversary of our engagement. We took a quick weekend getaway to San Francisco and left Wesley with MomMom and PopPop.

The actual weekend of our anniversary, we went out to lunch at Macaroni Grill and ice cream at Baskin Robbins. We took Wesley along and had a fun family date. It seems like we just can't get enough of those these days.

Eric gave me such a sweet and romantic gift. When we went on our honeymoon cruise, I found and fell in love with a new perfume by Donna Karan. Of course it was too expensive, but I've always loved it. Welllll Eric went off and got it for me! Isn't that adorable and thoughtful! And I got him a case of Izze sodas. I guess girls really are a lot more maintenance...

This past weekend I guess you could say we finished off the anniversary celebrations when we headed out to Connecticut and left Wesley with Grandlady and Grandpa for 3 whole days! However, that was more of a business trip than an anniversary celebration. We were out looking for housing and planning our cross country move. The first day was really depressing, the second day was a mix of depressing and very hopeful, and the last day we found the place that makes our hearts sing and where all of our wildest dreams will come true! Ok, maybe that's a bit much, but it has a GARAGE and double sinks in the master bathroom and a walk in closet and an indoor heated pool! What more could a girl ask for? Wanna see it?

Beyond just finding the perfect place amid a sea of dodgy rentals, the weekend was a complete success because Eric and I pretty much giggled all weekend. Since this is a post about our anniversary, allow me to ramble on about how Eric is the cutest prince in all the land:

1) He always makes me laugh. Seriously. Always.

2) He knows exactly the right thing to say to reassure me or cheer me up when my weeks of hard work have amounted to a mess of pottage. Or in any circumstance, really.

3) He has the best smile and the sweetest face.

4) He's such a great daddy and Wesley loves him so much.

5) He's such a hard worker and so dedicated.

I just love Eric and think he's the best. After 3 years I feel the same if not more crazy about him than when we got married. :)