Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sad, Horrifying and SO NOT OK!!

I really couldn't think of a title to express the sentiment I'm going to express in this post... that was the best I could do.

Here's the background. I'm not proud to admit this, but I'm legitimately scared of bugs. They gross me out. The actual fear started with a certain cockroach incident the night before my 14th birthday. So yeah, I've been suffering from bug anxiety for about 10 years now.

We live in a basement apartment. As such, we have the pleasure of frequent company-- spiders mostly, but this summer we seem to be suffering from an earwig infestation. Earwigs are especially troubling to me-- mostly due to their disgusting name. They obviously earned that name because they sneak into your ears and eat your brains out. Whether or not that is true, they gross me out and cause me much anxiety. One day earlier this week I actually exclaimed that if I saw one more earwig I was going to blow this place up. It's a good thing I don't have access to any explosives...

That being said, last night Eric had an intermural softball game and Wesley was being ridiculously sweet all evening. We were very much enjoying this behavior since Wesley usually decides he hates being alive after 7 pm and cries and fusses until he falls asleep anywhere between 9:30 and 11pm. He hadn't fussed all night! Hopefully that means we are turning over a new leaf and it wasn't just a one time deal... We'll see. So we get home around 9:30ish and Wesley starts freaking out. We figure it's just the usual evening fussies and start thinking of creative ways to calm him down. Since Eric was sweaty from softball, we figured a shower with Dad might do the trick. I put Wes on the changing table to get him ready for showertime (he's still screamy, all the while).

I take off Wesley's sock to discover an earwig spazzing all over his foot!! Naturally I scream, shake the earwig off my tiny baby's foot and kill it promptly. Wesley immediately settled down. Ummm YEAH! I'd freak out too if there was a disgusting EARWIG in my SOCK!!!! I was so offended. Don't touch my baby!! It only added to the fury that I, only minutes later, killed another earwig on Wesley's changing table and another one in the bathroom. Eric also killed 2 other earwigs in the same time frame. WHAT THE HECK?!?!? I generously sprayed Raid Ant and Roach killer around the house and thankfully haven't seen another one today.

Now everytime Wesley gets fussy, I check for earwigs first. I had a hard time falling asleep last night because I thought there were earwigs in the bed. My hair tickled my arm and I nearly dropped Wesley because I thought it was an earwig. You get the point. I'm not kidding about the anxiety thing... It's somewhat crippling at times. I'm open for tips on how to banish earwigs from your house. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go vacuum again and spray more Raid.
p.s. I don't know if I can keep that picture up... it makes me sick.

Friday, June 12, 2009

8 is great

So Lana kinda tagged me. Why not, eh? But I will steal some of her answers.

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Nursed my baby
2. Took Wesley to get a laryngoscopy. He's such a trooper
3. Got my teeth cleaned at the dentist. No cavities! Hooray!
4. Watched parts of So You Think You Can Dance
5. Ate amazing lasagna courtesy of Melissa
6. Wore pants that zip up. It's a big deal, ok?
7. Read a little Better Homes and Gardens
8. Changed some diapers

8 Things I Look Forward To

1. When Eric doesn't work at UPS anymore (that's Thursday!)
2. Wesley's baby blessing and the giant family party that involves
3. Seeing all of Wesley's firsts and watching him grow
4. Eric's graduation-- just one more year to go!
5. Our vacation to Durango next month
6. Owning a home someday
7. Being able to sleep for 8 hours in a row every night
8. Running/Cycling/Swimming/Yoga again!!!

8 Things I wish I could do

1. Catch and/or not suck at team sports
2. Scuba dive
3. Travel the world for free
4. Eat only sweets and have Dara Torres' body
5. Paint the walls in my apartment. Someday when we're not renting...
6. Keep plants alive
7. A backflip
8. Again... sleep 8 continuous hours

8 Shows I Watch on TV
(this might be a stretch... Can I include shows I've ever watched?)

1. The Office
2. Biggest Loser
3. Universal Sports
4. Dateline
5. Infomercials
6. I used to watch Law and Order SVU but I gave it up after I had a nightmare...
7. So You Think You Can Dance (when our TV can get the signal)
8. Whatever else comes through on our antennae

8 People I Tag

The first 8 people to read this!

650 days later...

651 days ago on August 30, 2007, Eric and I got married. We have enjoyed spending the past 650 nights together. Indeed, we have never spent a night apart. Until tonight. Stupid Scout campout. We almost made it 2 straight years...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Public Display of Affection

My mom asked how many times Wesley had "sprinkled on me" during diaper changes. Just once on me, but more on Eric. She then asked why Eric was the lucky one and I replied it was because he changes diapers more often than I do. Mom was impressed.

That got me thinking. I really have the best husband in the world. Seriously. So this post is dedicated to him.

I already mentioned that he changes more diapers than I do. Without complaint. I might even say he loves doing it. He's so great with Wesley.

He happily takes the baby when I'm at wits end with Captain FussyPants.

He bought me a dozen beautiful roses the other day when I was mad at him. I know, I know, how can you be mad at the best husband in the world? Well I was frustrated with him for misplacing/losing important things. One of these said "important things" he later found in my diaper bag. Turns out I was the one that misplaced it. And he didn't even rub it in.

He's done the laundry for the past 2 years without complaint simply because I hate doing it.

He's learned that I LOVE surprises and supplies them for me at random.

He helps make dinner and does the dishes.

Need I say more? I'm sorry for everyone else in the world because, obviously, I have the best husband in the world. Hopefully yours are at least ok. :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our not-so-little baby boy

So we've noticed Wesley has nearly outgrown his Moses basket. He fills that thing out quite well. He graduated a diaper size about a week ago-- no more sissy newborn stuff for him. I just started putting him in 0-3 month clothes instead of his newborns because they were getting pretty tight.

That being said, we took Wesley for his 2 week check up today. He weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs. 13.5 ozs. and was 21.5 inches long. Way to grow Wesley! My goodness. I knew he was getting big. His hands and feet are seriously enormous. He's like a labrador puppy. You know how they have giant adorable paws as puppies? That's Wesley. He makes little growls and pants like a puppy too. He's not as furry and twice as cute.

The only bad news from his check up is that he had to go get an x-ray taken of his neck. He seems to have swallowed a kazoo at birth because he makes this hilarious squeaking noise when he breathes.

Here he is hangin' out while I wrote this post. Now he's not so chill. Feedin' time!

Monday, June 1, 2009

We Love Wesley

Maybe it's because we're new parents, or maybe it's because he's just so cute-- but we can stare at this kid forever and not get bored. For those of you that also enjoy staring at newborns, here's a video I took of him when he was mostly asleep.