Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Too cute not to post...

Wesley loves surprises. He must have gotten that from me. Here's some darling video.

So proud of myself...

I admit, I'm not a finisher. I could easily name off 20 projects that I have at one time started and not completed. I recently gave Erlynne a cookbook that I started making for her 5 years ago. The only reason it got finished at all was because she happened to be coming in town to see me on her birthday weekend.

I mentioned that going to visit Lana in Arizona had gotten me inspired to decorate. I love looking at repurposing projects-- when people turn trash into treasure. I always have ideas of how to do this myself but then I never actually do it. Until today. Today my golden opportunity presented itself and I pounced.

Eric and I decided to move the computer out of Wesley's room and into the living room. School is starting on Monday and it just isn't practical in there anymore. The problem is that our computer desk is about 6 feet long and will NOT work in the living room. Another problem we had to deal with was an abandoned desk sitting in the carport of the condo we manage. hmmmm

Today Eric picked up the desk. This before picture doesn't even do it justice... What we had was a nasty, decrepit, spider-webby, dirty piece of furniture that once served as a desk. Eric cleaned it off and threw away the rickety eye sore of a top part before bringing it home. At that point this before picture was taken. (This was formerly Clark's desk at the condo for those of you that may recognize it).

So I set to work. Only a few hours, 3 cans of spray paint, half a can of Mod Podge, 6 sheets of paper and less than $20 later, here's what we have!

Isn't it lovely?! I love it. Unfortunately the pictures aren't very great. But trust me, it was in sad shape before and it looks lovely now. Project started and completed in the same day. Biggest accomplishment ever. (Wellllll, not really. But it's up there).
p.s. Sorry the pics didn't make it on the original post. I have a love/hate relationship with Blogger. Most of the hate is directed to the photo uploading...

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Wesley is 3 months old already! Wow. He's so cute and smiley lately. He loves to coo and giggle and smile at us.
For his birthday, we took him out on his first bike ride. He's still a little small to sit in the trailer alone, but the carseat works perfectly. We had only gone about 100 feet before he was asleep. Loved it.

The next summer vacation

Wesley and I left Eric at home and jetted off to Arizona for a week of fun in the sun! And it was indeed great fun. We did a lot of just hangin out, swimming, and playing. Lana kicked my trash on a couple of runs and inspired me to work out more. She also inspired me to decorate my house! Unfortunately, now I'm itching to redecorate everything ... too bad I didn't find a money tree in Arizona. It's always fun to go to different places and get new ideas and fresh perspective. I highly recommend a week away when you can grab it.

This is my favorite. Crew is 2 weeks older than Wesley and has a significantly smaller head. Therefore, Tummy Time is much more enjoyable for Crew than Wesley. Hang in there Wes, you'll get it.

Wesley's face cracks me up in this picture. He looks like a little boy, not an infant.

After a swim, chillin in the swing

Wesley and Crew, asleep in their carseats on the table at Joe's Farm Grill (my favorite AZ restaurant)

First Road Trip!

On July 24-26, we took our first road trip with Wesley. We went over to Durango, CO for his cousin Jax's blessing. It was an absolute BLAST! Turns out Wesley loves road trips just as much as his parents do. I fed him right before we left, we drove for 3 hours and I fed him again when we stopped for gas. Then another 3 hours and we were there! He slept the whole time and didn't cry. How on earth did I get so blessed!?

While in Durango, there was a lot of time spent playing with family. We went to Purgatory and rode the alpine slide (Thanks MomMom for holding Wesley), ate a delicious lunch at Tequila's where Ashton enjoyed getting whipped cream from his free birthday dessert smeared on his face (I wish I'd gotten a photo of that!), ate and swam at Trimble Hot Springs (Wesley is so cute in his little hat in the pool), and had a fantastic brunch buffet at Pam and Monte's. All in all it was a great time. Wesley got super spoiled from being held all weekend, but he eventually got over that. Thanks to everyone who made our first vacation with the baby so much fun!

This was the only time we got the boys together to play. They loved it. And no, we didn't plan the matching outfits. Complete coincidence.

Wes loves his thumb! Look at Jax's adorable sweet face
Baby feeties!

Archer striking a GQ pose after church

Ashton and Andrea

L to R: Andrea, Archer, Aiden, Ashton, Anderson

Our happy little family. Of course Wesley is snoozing away.

The whole gang. Love yall!