Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm Reese

Name: Reese

Age: 4.5 months

Favorite foods: Mommy Milk! One time I let her suck on an apple slice and she was in HEAVEN! She also enjoys my knuckles and the occasional binky but fingers and now toes are much preferred. 

Favorite person: Mommy. She will cry very dramatically if someone else is holding her for too long. She'll tolerate a few minutes with a stranger, but don't you dare wander too far. She does love Daddy though too, thank goodness.

Favorite movie: Cars. She doesn't really have a choice here. I was so good about never letting Wesley watch anything on screen but I find it a bit more challenging with her. I still deny her TV as much as possible. :)

Favorite toy: Rattle, the fishies attached to her bouncy seat, and the butterfly attached to the swing

Newest Skills: She has successfully mastered the tummy to back roll (she's been doing that for one month now) and she's getting really close to mastering the back to tummy roll. She's done it a few times, but needs more practice.

Least favorite activity: Driving. She screams like a banshee in the car. It stresses me out to no end. Sometimes she is an absolute champ, but generally she hates it.

Favorite activity: BATH!! This girl loves the bath like no other. She is all giggles and smiles the second I start filling the tub and taking off the onesie.

I'm Wesley

Name: Wesley

Age: 26 months

Favorite question to ask: What's your name? (he asks mom and dad this non-stop)

Favorite foods: tortellini, plain whole wheat pasta, string cheese, mangoes (fresh, dried, and sorbet), peaches, turkey, rice, yogurt covered raisins, broccoli, carrots, fruit snacks, gum

Favorite person: Daddy

Favorite movie: Cars

Favorite toy: Red Van (a hot wheels car of course. He can play with cars for hours!)

Newest Skills: Jumping off the couch, climbing into his own high chair, climbing into Reese's bed, unscrewing lids, taking stairs like a man, he knows his ABCs perfectly and loves to identify letters,

Favorite words and things to say:
"Crashing hitting tires!"
"That's amazing!"
"That's delicious!"
"No Mommy Mommy No!"
"No Reesey Reesey No!"
"Ouch! Son of a nutcracker!"
"Watch this Mommy/Daddy!"
"Let's go do it!"
"Don't like it!"

Wesley is 2!

Oh my goodness, I took zero pictures on his birthday. Whoops.

To celebrate our little boy's SECOND birthday, we went to Kid City which is a really wonderful children's museum about half an hour from us. We bought a family membership for $100. With the pass, not only can we visit Kid City any time we want for free, we can get into (almost) every other children's museum in America. We've definitely gotten our money's worth with that little gem! We've gone to children's museums in Middletown, West Hartford, and Manchester, Connecticut multiple times as well as in Boston and Philadelphia. And the pass is good for a whole year! This is the birthday present that keeps on giving! Wesley had an absolute blast at the museum and then we hit up McD's for lunch. (Something we only do in desperation... I forgot to pack our lunch!) Wes fell asleep hard on the way home, took a good nap, and finished out the afternoon with presents and cupcakes!

Fortunately I just remembered we took some videos! And what's that saying, a video is worth a thousand pictures? :)
Happy Birthday Bucko! We love you so so much!!

Reese's blessing

We blessed Reese on May 15, the day before she was 2 months. It was a lovely day and we felt so blessed to have so much family there! 

  • Clark and Guinevere and their 2 boys made the 75 mile drive from Framingham, MA to be there.
  • My cousin Bethany and her husband Danny and their 4 kids made the 80 mile drive from Danbury, CT
  • My parents Steve and Carma traveled 2,658 miles to come from Las Vegas, NV
  • Eric's parents Kim and Marilyn traveled 3,056 miles to come from Clovis, CA

It was such a beautiful day and a beautiful blessing for a beautiful girl! We were also glad to provide an excuse for Kim and Marilyn to finally take that church history tour they have been dreaming about for years. It's quite a commitment to make a 3000 mile trip and they definitely made the most of it. They put over 1000 miles on their rental car during their week visit!

Thanks again everyone for making that journey to make the day so special!

Little Wesley

Wesley loved trekking around in the snow.
The ice didn't seem to scare him too much.

Wesley is standing on top of the snow on a thin layer of ice.
You can see that Eric has sunk down to his knees but Wesley is
light enough to stand on top.

We don't have a sled, so he rode his bike on top of the ice/snow
down the hill. It was awesome. I'll post a video too.

First time holding Baby Sister

love his little lips

He's such a goof. He insisted on putting on his jammies this way one night and rocked the look quite well

Easter 2011

I sometimes think that he can't take a good picture to save his life...

Found one!

Easter feast-- kid style

He picked out his own clothes here. I bought this  shirt because it was .75, has a truck on it, and it was intended  to be a jammy shirt. The problem is, it has a truck on it, so it's a fave.

I thought it would be fun to do a little photo shoot after church one day.

It wasn't fun. These are the best pics we got.

Wesley is obsessed with throwing clothes around. Unattended laundry basket: beware!

In this case, he just piled them on Daddy.

Baby Reesey

One of her very first photos

7 lbs 10.5 oz

First family photo

She did not like her first bath!

Snuggling with mommy on her first day at home

Peacefully sleeping on her Boppy

After her first day at church

Aren't those tiny shoes darling?

Sleeping in her bunny suit after a walk

Giggling at Wesley

Catching up

I've been absent from this blog for a long time. I just find that I manage 2 kids just fine, but all the little excesses get pushed to the back burner. "Update the blog" has been on the to-do list for the last 4 months but things like laundry, cleaning bathrooms, grocery shopping, doing dishes, and mostly playing with my babies takes up all the time and energy I have in a day!

Now that Reese is a hearty 4 month old, I'm starting to feel more like I have a handle on things... most days anyway. Well, truthfully, I was feeling terribly behind in everything. Thanks to some prayer and serious elbow grease and a good all-hands-on-deck Saturday cleaning session last week, I feel ok.

Add to that I'm starting to feel guilty about not documenting the cute things my kids say and do. I don't even remember a few months ago so I know I'm not going to remember all of these things years down the road! So the new goal is to blog. I want to blog at least something once a week. Something for us to have when we look back on these crazy young family years that go by way too fast. Sorry if blogs about other peoples kids bore you to tears. If they do, just delete me from your Reader. I'll never know. :)

Now that it is out there for all to see, here's to a new goal! Wish me luck!