Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A quick glimpse of daily life

More proof that he is a puppy

He loves to crawl around with toys in his mouth. He does this with most every toy and item he can find (blocks, water bottles, plastic lids, etc.) but "Spiderman Ball" is definitely the favorite.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cuddle Quilt

My latest project has been to go through my closet and drawers and make better use of all the things that I never wear. I feel like all women (and maybe men too, I don't know) have stacks of "unwearable" clothing. My poor husband can never understand when I say, "I have nothing to wear!" All he can see is an overflowing drawer and a closet where my half is more like my 90%. So I've decided to do something about it. If I never wear it, then I'm trying to diagnose why I never wear it, then remedy that problem. If it's beyond remedy, I see if the fabric is worth salvaging for another project. If even that won't do, then it's into the donation pile.

Here was a project I made out of an old pair of pajama pants and some t-shirts, all of which I acquired in middle school. Geeez, why do I hang on to stuff so long? Anyway, the old stuff was turned into a super comfy quilt for Wesley backed with soft cream fleece leftover from another project. It's very warm and cozy and it was super easy to make!

He loves to bite it, naturally.

Want to make one?

1. I just cut 8x8 inch squares out of my old clothes, discarding the seams and waistband and sleeves and stuff.

2. Next, lay them all out on the floor to find the pattern you like best.

3. Sew the squares into rows and then sew the rows together. I didn't even pin anything until I sewed the backing on. I didn't care if it was super tidy since it was just a cuddle quilt.

4. Pin the backing on, right sides together, and sew around the edges, leaving a spot open for turning.

5. Turn it right side out. Iron and topstitch the edges.

6. Since my quilt was all squares, I sewed straight lines right down the middle of the squares(forming a grid pattern) to keep the backing and quilt together.

7. Give it to your baby and enjoy hours of cuddly fun!

It made for a quick and fun project with some great sentimentality! Wesley and I love how it turned out.

Wait, was it a baby or a puppy?

I'm confused these days. I was pretty sure I had an 8 ½ month old baby person, not a puppy. Lately I find myself hiding all of our shoes so they don't get chewed and Eric has come very close to using the excuse, "The baby ate my homework" multiple times. The knees of my pants are constantly spit-soaked and my shoulders have tiny bruises from being bitten. Wesley nearly bit a hole in Eric's slacks this morning! It was only today that I was lamenting to my sister about my "puppy" and then as Eric and I were getting dinner together tonight, this happened:

Yep. Those are little bite marks on our kitchen chair. The only nice, matching furniture set we own, of course. Ok, the only thing NOT from IKEA. I tried to scold him, which he thought was hilarious. Here's the puppy in action.

He has SIX teeth now and he is DEFINITELY learning how to use them. Who could resist that sweet face? (Even if he's the bitey-est).

Monday, February 8, 2010


Tonight Eric needed some help with homework for his civilization class. The assignment was to come up with a sonnet ala Shakespeare about a Book of Mormon story. This was my first attempt. He didn't want to turn this one in for some reason... I think it's brilliant.

Nephi needed to get the plates
From the wicked Laban
He went up to the city gates
So that he could take them

Laban said “No Way!
Not without some money.”
Nephi did not want to pay
He said, “You’re a dummy!”

Anyway, he grabbed his cash,
Hauled it to the castle
Laban greedily took the stash
And kicked Nephi out on his tassels.

So Nephi axed the king,
Took the plates—bada bing.