Friday, April 27, 2012

Sweet dreams, sweet home...

Today I had one of those nutty mid-afternoon nap dreams. You know the ones I mean... In my dream Eric and I had moved to Alabama, bought a small fishing cabin and Lady came to visit. We were running late getting her to the airport because she was too busy trying to clean stuff with 409.

I woke up and chuckled at the impossibilities... We would NEVER be late getting Lady to the airport. That is nearly impossible. I mean, have you ever taken her to the airport? You will be at least 2 hours early. (btw, Lady is my awesome mom and the only feasible reason she might be late for something is that she would be helping one of her kids clean something).

The next impossibility, a fishing cabin? Why? I've never even been fishing and I think Eric mentioned he had done it once at scout camp but it doesn't seem to have made that big of an impact.

And lastly, Alabama? Really? Who moves there? Oh wait.  I did. I really did. Not dreaming. It still feels like it though.

People keep telling me I'm going to grow to love it here and never want to leave but I'm struggling to believe that. Maybe once we find a house we love that doesn't have as many bugs as this apartment. Or maybe once my family because un-bite-able to all the ants and mosquitoes.

We've been here a month now and so far killed 3 scorpions in the house, I forgot how many roaches and spiders, a bunch of millipede/centipedes, and at least 3 unidentified creatures that look more like Randall from Monsters Inc than insects. We don't even bother killing the pill bugs...
Randall Boggs from Monsters Inc
Plus we can't play outside without getting bitten which is really frustrating. I'm sure it's all a perspective thing. I think we killed a total of 5 spiders in our place in Connecticut in the entire time we lived there. You could sit in the grass with no fear of ants, so this is a big adjustment.

So everyone constantly asks how we like it here to which I reply, "It's beautiful!" because that much is true. But it's kind of like the jungle: It's really beautiful and amazing things grow there, but there are just so many bugs! (I guess I don't really know that since I've never been to a jungle, just watched National Geographic. I know I couldn't handle jungle bugs).

Anyway, does anyone like a place the first month they live there? Don't answer that, I'm going to just keep telling myself the answer is no and hope for the best.

In other news, my kids are still totally adorable.
After downing a delicious plate of vegetable lasagna, then hiding behind said plate.


Lana said...

ugh, bugs. No thanks. Outside the house is one thing, but inside? Sick. I hope you grow to love it. Or maybe I should be hoping that you'll hate it forever and quit and move next door to me.... :) I can dream. Your kids are SO cute. Dane wants to keep Reese for himself cause he loves her so.

LadyCarma said...

You do have a whole lot of bugs in Alabama, or just in and around your apartment! And, just to clarify, I did not do that much cleaning at your apartment because it was already spic and span! Getting to the airport, checking in bags, going through security is very stressful to me. I have to get there in plenty of time to calm down before I get on the plane. It is what works best for me. One time I was too late to get to the airport and I was a total frazzle for a week afterward. I love to be on time. And thanks for all the fun time at your place, especially in playing with my two of my cutest grandchildren.

Preston and Angie said...

The bugs are totally different in the South!! That was weird for us too!! Some friends recommended a great bug spray for around the house that seems to work pretty well. We get a big bottle for $5 at Home Depot. Now I can't remember what it's called, but it's white with a red lid. Haha. I'll have to check it out and get back to you. Just spray it around the baseboards and stuff. It helps a ton!! Now just wait for the Summer heat and you won't want to be outside anyway. The Fall through Spring is so great though!! I hope you grow to love it! It is beautiful! Good Luck!!