Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An Interview with Wesley

Here's my actual interview with Wesley today. All entries are direct quotes.  

What's your name: Wesley 
How old are you: Free.
What's your favorite color: Green and White.
What's your favorite food: Chicken and broccoli please.
Who are your favorite friends: Cassius and Ben and Bluke.*
What's your favorite thing to do: Clean up. (Me: Really? Wes: Yeah!) I'm not convinced
Where were you born: In Utah.
Where do you live now: In Ridge Crossings Parkway.
Where did you live before this: Connecticut.
What kind of cars do we have: The Escape and The Fit.
I like ABCs.
What else do you like: Hmmm, my mom and dad and Reesey and Mommy and Daddy. 
Where are you going for Thanksgiving: To Las Vegas.
-- No we're going to Texas. Oh Texas.
Who are you going to see there:  Cassius and Ben.
Who else: Uncle Clark and Aunt Guinevere. 
Who else? I don't know the right names.
What else do you want to say: Wesley Avarell.
What's your favorite toy: A tractor with paint and a orange one.
What are you going to ask Santa for: A tractor with paint that has a handle that's ten dollars.**
Who's your best friend: I don't know.
What's your favorite shirt: My t-rex shirt.
What are your favorite shoes: My tenna ones.

Now Wesley wanted to type:

Wesley is really smart and really capable with language, but there are still a few cute things he says. For example, to him the singular form of "clothes" is "clo." As seen above, "tenna" is the adjective for shoes, not "tennis." He'll also say, "Is this my spart?" which is a cross of part/spot.

*Bluke: Whenever I would take Wesley to the child watch at the gym, he would tell me afterward that his "favorite kid" was there. I asked his "favorite kid's" name, to which he always insisted his name was Blue. I asked if this was an imaginary friend, maybe a Blues Clues stuffed animal they had there, a nickname... no no. Wesley was sure the actual kid's actual name was Blue. He was so persistent with this belief that I started to believe it. After all, people are naming children all sorts of bizarre things these days. One day I asked the staff as I was checking Wesley out if they had any child named Blue that came. I explained why I was asking and they looked over the rosters and sure enough, no Blue. Still, Wesley was sure his Favorite Kid was Blue. Then one day, I ACTUALLY met the kid. (I'm pretty sure his mom is a Zumba lady-- we are always at the gym at the same time, but never in the same place (because of course, i do not do Zumba. No thank you.)) Anyway, I was not about to let the chance pass by without catching a look at this adorable favorite kid's name tag: It's LUKE! Ooooh I totally get it. I completely understand why Wesley would have heard Blue instead of Luke. Easy mix up. So then I said to him, "OH! Wesley! His name is LUKE, not BLUE." To which Wesley replied, "Oh BLUKE! I get it."

**The other day in the craft aisle of Wal-Mart Wesley fell in love with a paint-your-own wooden tractor kit that had a handle on the package. He carried it all around the store and I told him about 100 times that I wasn't going to buy it today. He continued telling me that I was buying it today. It wasn't until I suggested that perhaps he could save his money for it or ask Santa for it that he put it back.

I really love this kid. He's hilarious and a ball of energy. He is getting so big but he's still so little. In my skewed perspective, it's easy to think that 3 is old since I have only a 1 year old around to compare it to. Last night Eric and I were talking about how we only have 3 years of parenting experience, but it feels like a long 3 years. It seems like we've had these little tinies forever. Life before them is a distant dream.


LadyCarma said...

I love that little Wesley and his smarts! Thanks for the stories. Give him a hug from Grandlady. Does he remember MY name? And I love my little Staci, grown up and being a great mom!

Angie said...

I totoally agree that I can hardly remember what life is really like without kids. More freedom in some ways and yet it feels so empty to picture them not there. They ARE my life now! Love hearing about your adventures! Loved the interview too :) So cute!