Tuesday, October 30, 2012

T Ball

T-Ball time! 
I felt kind of bad, on game day, Wesley, Reese and I had actually all fallen asleep and didn't wake up until it was time to go! I actually put Wesley's shoes on him while he was still asleep and dragged the poor kid out to the car confused and bleary eyed. We were not about to miss this!

Because we were late, he was last to bat. Thankfully we weren't late enough to miss too much. Here he is eagerly waiting for his turn to hit. 

 His coach explained that when he hit it, he needed to run all the way around the bases and back to home. Since he was the last to bat, he got the joy of a grand slam. 
 Lining it up...
 Look at it fly! The coach is gently reminding him to RUN!
He then flung the bat OVER his head and took off.
 Where do I go from here? He always tried to run across, like from 1st to third, or 2nd straight to home. 
 Circling back to get that base he missed...
 Yes Wesley, you actually have to step ON it. They would say "Touch the base, touch the base!" so he would usually hop down and high five them. This significantly slowed his running time...
 Then it was time to switch teams. Wesley was not excited about fielding.
 He got really frustrated every time someone would hit the ball and he didn't have the chance to hit it. The coach caught on to this and moved him to infield, which helped a little bit... But he's still 3 and finds reason to cry about things frequently. 

This picture just makes me laugh. He had gotten to second base and was just standing there watching all the kids on the other team run to get the ball.
 I love these action shots of Wesley running. So classic Wesley. The face, the arms, the posture.

It's always funny when kids get so excited to run that the trip right off the line. 
 Taking the long way home... See that black line to his left? That's the path from 3rd base home. 
 Again, paying no attention in the outfield.

 And why does everything have to end this way?  I'm not even sure what happened. I knew Wesley was getting bored and antsy toward the end and he had been kind of clingy to me instead of standing out in the outfield. I was trying to corral Reese (who wanted to leave) and motivate Wesley to get back out and play. Then another mom struck up a conversation and I lost track of Wesley. I naturally assumed he was back playing as he was supposed to be. Then all of a sudden I heard crying and I knew it was Wesley. I looked up and the assistant coach had picked him up out of a crowd of kids and was bringing him to me.
I asked him what happened to which he replied, "Those kids wouldn't move. They wouldn't make space for me." I asked if he had pushed someone or if someone had pushed him, but he said there was no pushing involved. The only thing I could figure is he was frustrated that he was not standing in the middle of the mass of kids, and tripped trying to wiggle his way in. He must have smashed his lip pretty hard against that gym floor because he bled a lot and stayed swollen for almost a week.
He made this sad little face the rest of the night. Even as I was tucking him into bed he had his little duck lips. 

Despite the injury, I would say he really really enjoyed t-ball. He even took great pride in telling everyone he saw that he "busted his lip at t-ball."

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LadyCarma said...

I am sorry you hurt your lip Wesley. Did the blood get on your pretty orange shirt? I hope it gets better very fast. Grandlady is so proud of you for hitting the ball so hard and running so fast. Can I play ball with you in Texas?